Unusual Prayers for Lively’s Arrival

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to make it through a worship service without crying now a days. Lately, I have been so overwhelmed with God’s goodness and grace to me in giving us a child who is healthy and strong that I can barely contain my joy. I have also never longed so much for someone to know the absolutely overwhelming joy of knowing and worshipping God. I my heart rejoices in God’s character through worship, I ache with longing for our sweet Lively to one day know this same joy.

Although through all the praying for, longing for, and preparing for little Lively to come, I have found myself being prayerfully cautious. I am praying that once Lively comes, she will not become the center of my life. That may sound odd, but she does not belong as the central focus of my life, Jesus does. And I know from experience, that it doesn’t matter how intrinsically good a thing might be, it still has the potential to rival God’s rightful place in my heart.

Marriage has been a similar experience. I am so grateful for the gift of my husband, and love him so dearly, that it is sometimes easy to let my life revolve around him, instead of Jesus. Jimmy is a tangible person who loves me, and on the days when God feels distant, he can become an natural substitute for a savior. I’m sure, with how much I already love Lively, it will be just as easy for me to do the same with her. But let it not be so!

In the Old Testament, if your family members enticed you to go and serve other gods besides the LORD, you were not only not to yield to them or listen to them, but you were to kill them and put them to death by your own hand. It even clarifies that this applies to “the wife you cherish” and “the friend who is as your own soul.” (Deut 13:6-11) I remember reading this and asking God… really? That seems a little drastic don’t you think? To put your cherished wife to death by your own hand because they tried to lead you to other gods?

While I know the laws of the Old Testament don’t apply to us anymore, I still believe that I can learn about the character of my God (who is the same yesterday, today, and forever) from how He interacted with His people then. In this passage of my Bible I have written “God is VERY CONCERNED about idolatry!” Over and over again in Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy God continues to emphasize how important it is not to forget Him and to stay away from other gods. As I have been reading through the Old Testament, that sticks out to me the most.

So as I think about Lively coming into our lives and how I will love and cherish her, I pray this in fear of God: “Lord, may my heart continue to belong only to you and may I have no other gods before you. Not my husband, or my child. May neither one of them ever take the place of you in my heart. And when I am tempted to run to them instead of you, please give me grace to see clearly the error of my ways and return to you, my First Love, my Savior, my God, and my King.”

May no one hear me wrong today, I am so thankful and grateful for the gift of this child… more than I could even put into words. And I already love her more than I can bear. But the most important thing… is never to forsake the Giver of this precious gift, to whom my heart first and foremost belongs.

****Added later thanks to comment from Carissa Cady and her friend. Love this quote!****
“When I have learned to love God better than my earthly dearest, I shall love my earthly dearest better than I do now….When first things are put first, second things are not suppressed but increased.” C.S. Lewis


  1. Marni Walsh

    Kelly, you’re pretty awesome! I wish I had gotten a chance to know you when we were both in Aggieland 🙂 That is a great prayer to pray, and a great reminder to myself to check when I’m putting Josh before the Lord.

  2. Karen T.


    Thank you so much for this blog! It sums up exactly where I am with God right now. I’ve been systematically reading the Old Testament this year and lately I’ve spent time in the ‘minor prophets’, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Daniel and Ezekiel. God makes it abundantly, amazingly clear in these writings that idolatry is the surest path to death… it produces nothing but sickness and sadness in us. And of course, because I don’t “bow down” before an idol made of iron or wood (like the people of Jerusalem did back in the day) it’s easy to be deluded that my life is without idolatry.

    My prayer at the moment is for God to reveal to me what it is that I falsely hope in, what I think will carry me through, where I’ve built up unholy shrines. I’m prepared that His answers might be scary but I’m looking forward to bringing those idols down and seeing the blessed fruit that comes from it.

    You may have read it lately, but if not, I encourage you to look at Ezekiel ch 16 for a heartbreaking, convicting allegory of unfaithfulness toward God.

    God bless you and your little Lively, you’re in my prayers.


  3. melissa

    Wow!!! Beautifully written. God has blessed you with some amazing gifts..You are insightful and wise as well as a great writer. Thank you for sharing your heart so that I can check myself and see if I have let the crazy everyday life slip into Gods place and give him whatever is left over instead of first place. How easy it is to let that happen and not even notice sometimes. Praise him that he still waits on me with love and never ending patience. Thanks again and God bless you and your family!

  4. k8

    I love the encouragement that stems from your blog – I always feel refreshed after I read it and it helps me to ponder exactly where the Lord and I stand in my own life. Thanks so much for writing 🙂 Your posts always seem to line up with something I’m struggling with in life and your words gently speak truth to me.


  5. Allison Rivera

    This is amazing to read. I am praying for this exact thing right now. My husband and I have been trying to have a child for over a year now, and are faced with devastating disappointment month after month. All of our testing has come back normal, normal, normal…which leaves us even more crushed because that means God saying no, or wait. Yeah?
    I was having this prayer for the longest time begging God for a child saying “Lord I feel like this is what I was made for, to raise children who know and love You. Without this blessing I feel like half a woman.” To which God has continually responded “It is not a child that makes you whole. I MAKE YOU WHOLE.” So thank you so much Kelly for sharing your struggle, and helping me know who God is and should be in my life. God Bless!

  6. Carissa Cady

    One of my friends posted this quote on her facebook yesterday. I think it is totally applicable to your prayer:

    When I have learned to love God better than my earthly dearest, I shall love my earthly dearest better than I do now….When first things are put first, second things are not suppressed but increased.” C.S. Lewis

    Blessings to you and your new family!=)

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