10 Days of Prayer and Repentance

—-added on 5/25/13—-

Below I have added the links to each day from this series for your convenience.

Day 1 – It’s not about me
Day 2 – Fear
Day 3 – To-do Lists
Day 4 – Unwilling grace
Day 5 – Contentment
Day 6 – My reputation
Day 7 – Giving up control
Day 8 – Excuses
Day 9 – Comparisons
Day 10 – It’s all about HIM


—-below is the original post—-


International trips. Big time difference + expensive phone call rates + busy tour schedule = no fun. While a trip to another country probably sounds like a good thing, it is usually very challenging on our marriage. When I used to travel with Jimmy it was fun! We got to see the sights together and be together. But since my transition to staying home more often, I flinch at the sight of an international trip on the calendar. I tend to get frustrated often about the challenge of communication and feel hurt easily by the lack of connection because I take it personally. One time we got in a fight while Jimmy was in another country and the pressure of mounting cell phone charges made it worse. But since Jimmy won’t go on stage when we are not ok, we had to work it out. Let’s just say it showed up BIG TIME on our cell phone bill the next month. Ouch.

Well today I dropped Jimmy off at the airport for a short weekend trip to Alabama followed by a week and a half trip to Denmark. While this is not the longest we’ve been apart, it’s certainly the longest international trip he’s done without me. I’ve been anticipating this trip for a while and wondering if there was any way I could make it a better experience than usual. I was also challenged through a book this week to stop fighting my situation, but rather, with God’s help, seek to thrive within it.

So instead of fighting my circumstances like I usually do, I am seeking to thrive within them!


Ten days of prayer and repentance. One way that Jimmy’s trips benefit me is giving me lots of time to spend with the Lord. So I thought what better way to spend these many days apart than to intentionally dive deeper into my relationship with God.

Tomorrow will begin day 1 of 10 days of dedicated times of prayer. I am committing to spend at least 1 hour (preferably 2) in uninterrupted prayer each of these days. One specific focus of my times in prayer will be personal repentance. Lately, I have been asking God to humble me and remove any pride from my heart. Well…. be careful when you pray that, because God will answer and it is often hard to come to terms with what is really in your heart. I decided this week is a perfect time to really deal with all the not-so-lovely things God has been revealing within my heart.


I’m excited about these next days and am expecting God to show up in big ways in my life. I will be documenting every day during this time with what God is teaching me and how He is showing up. I hope you will join me and follow along.

Alright Lord, I’m ready.
Change, sanctify, renew, and restore me.
“Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”



  1. […] Over the years I have often taken between 7-10 days to seek God by prayer and fasting to do this ver… asking Him to show me where there is unrepentant sin that I need to deal with. Oh how refreshing to my soul those times have been! And also how surprised I always am to see the sins creeping into my life in hidden ways I have not yet noticed. This is just a small practice of such a thing. […]

  2. […] PS: do yourself a huge favor, take an hour, get a good drink, go outside and read all 10 of these blog posts: http://kellyneedham.com/2010/09/26/10-days-of-prayer-and-repentance/ […]

  3. […] One of my favorite Christian artists went and got married a few years ago to an amazing woman and…as most amazing women should, she started a blog.  It’s probably one of the few that I read consistently.  Her name is Kelly Needham and recently, she decided to do a 10 day Prayer and Repentance deal while her husband was out of town/country. You can find the start to her 10 day adventure here. […]

  4. I am currently going through something…or rather, my guy is going through something and needs supportive prayer. While I want to be selfish about the whole situation, I need to offer my best for him, so I think I will start on this 10 day prayer time tomorrow. I’ll be a little behind you, but I’m excited for it. 🙂 Also, I was wondering, what book were you reading that prompted you to do this? I have no NEED for a new book to read, but I collect them, nonetheless. Thanks!

    1. Hope your 10 days of prayer and repentance are going well so far!

  5. […] Kelly Needham – a young christian woman who finds herself at home alone for 10 days. She has a choice of […]

  6. PSales

    I will be joining you Kelly and I will be praying for you, Jimmy, and Lively! I ditto the response above me about Jimmy not going on stage when you too are not okay…..I absolutely love that! Going into worship with your mind somewhere else is not good at all….I believe that is great reverence to God when you make sure you are pure and right……in spirit and in truth! God bless

  7. Whether we are ministers of music or ministers of the Word, the Lord often calls us away from our families at difficult times, even having to be away from family at Christmas. Just look at the Apostle Paul’s travel schedule, but then he was not married. The Apostle Peter was married, and no doubt he had a busy schedule, too. My heart goes out to all the wives who must stay home while their husbands have a traveling ministry, it is not easy. I am thankful for those wives who sacrifice so much (having to be apart from your beloved husband is a big sacrifice) for the Lord’s work. May He bless you with His peace.

  8. Vertina

    I was meant to read this. I think I will be joining you. It’s perfect timing while I’m studying Isaiah right now. Glad I had insomnia. I’ll be praying for you guys. (I loved reading that Jimmy doesn’t like to go onstage unless things are right between you guys. Yes, I said “Awww” out loud. )

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