Day 6 – My Reputation

Jimmy and the band in Denmark

Tonight’s prayer time left me speechless. I am still taking it in. How wonderfully refreshing it was and deeply convicting to my soul. Wow. But before I jump into that, I wanted to give you a brief update on Jimmy and the guys in Denmark.

I thought you might enjoy a picture of Jimmy and the band in Denmark. I have learned so much about this country since Jimmy’s been there that I didn’t know. From what he describes and from the few pictures I’ve seen, it seems surprisingly beautiful! I’ve also learned that Denmark has a viking museum that the guys are visiting tomorrow.  I can just envision how much fun they are going to have there.  Probably more fun than they should have, knowing the guys.  =)  Jimmy has also tried to teach me a few Danish words and phrases, none of which I can recall at all.

On a much more exciting note, he’s been able to share the Gospel a few times at some high schools! Although in name they are Christian schools, he said there are many unbelievers there. I am so grateful for my husband’s great concern with the furthering of the Gospel and can’t wait to see the fruit of this trip!

I can’t believe I am over halfway done with my days of prayer. (If you haven’t been following along, check out my first post of this series here.) It has gone by so quickly. One thing I want be sure of is that I don’t forget to continue growing in the 5 areas God has already pointed out. So I spent some time today reviewing and praying for continued growth in those areas. By God’s grace, I will strive to remember that life isn’t about me, I am to walk in faith not fear, not serving the idol of productivity, giving grace quickly in light of the grace I’ve received, and be content and grateful for everything.

Tonight, God dealt with my obsession with my reputation. I just care a whole lot about what others think about me. It was during my prayer time tonight that God brought to my attention the number of times I have checked the stats on this blog site today. How many people have commented? How many views? Why are the numbers going down? Goodness, why do I care so much? As soon as I become more concerned with the stats on this blog rather than with what God is doing through it, I have a problem.

I repent of caring more about my reputation than God’s.

Often, I am more concerned with how something will affect me than how it will affect God and His glory. If He asks me to do something, my first thoughts are usually “what will this make me look like?” Instead, I should be asking “how can this bring You more glory?” My concern should be for God’s reputation in this world and how He is or is not being glorified in a situation, not how my reputation is being affected. It’s all about His Name and His Glory! I am deeply grieved that my eyes tend to look out for me, instead of Him.

No one is a better example of being all about His Name and His Glory than John the Baptist. In John 3, John’s disciples come to him saying “Jesus is now baptizing as well and everyone is going to Him now!” (my paraphrase) The implication here is that Jesus’ growing ministry is taking away from John’s ministry and his disciples are concerned about this. They are losing followers! But John’s response is beautiful. He says, “A man can receive nothing unless it has been given him from heaven. You yourselves are my witnesses that I said, ‘I am not the Christ,’ but ‘I have been sent ahead of Him.’ He who has the bride is the bridegroom (Jesus); but the friend of the bridegroom (John), who stands and hears him, rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice. So this joy of mine has been made full. He must increase, but I must decrease.”

In this response, John first acknowledges that Jesus’ growing popularity is given to Him by God. He then compares himself to the friend of the groom whose joy is simply in fulfilling his role of support to the groom. It has nothing to do with whether he is magnified or not, but if Jesus, the bridegroom, is glorified it is not only enough, but it is his joy!

John had an amazing lack of concern for his own popularity and his own ministry growth. In fact, as Jesus came on the scene, John’s ministry decreased. Yet he was happy for it because His only concern was for the magnification of Jesus, “whose sandal he was not worthy to untie.”

I began reading a commentary on this section of scripture by Dr. Constable and was struck profoundly by his comments on John 3:30: “This classic expression of humility arose out of John’s perception of and acceptance of His God-given role as Messiah’s forerunner. Far from discouraging people from following Jesus, as his disciples implied he should, John would continue to promote Him. He viewed this as God’s will and therefore said it “must” be so. Would that all of us who are God’s servants would view Jesus’ position and our own similarly. Submission to God’s will and the exaltation of Jesus, not prominence in His service, should bring joy to His servants.”

Lord, forgive me when I have sought to be prominent in Your service, hoping that my own reputation will grow as I serve You. If it serves Your glory best for my reputation to decrease each year, may I have even more joy that my life has been used for Your service! Rid me of any longing to seek the promotion of my reputation in any arena. May I always receive the MOST joy from seeing the exaltation of Jesus, not the exaltation of myself. Your reputation, not mine. Your glory, not mine. Amen.


  1. Anonymous

    Kelly, thank you so much for your words of wisdom! I am a highschooler, and naturally during this time of life everyone has a desire to “fit in” and be accepted. I actually have been talking with my parents a lot about this topic lately and I am on the journey of being ok if certain people are not drawn to me. It’s not good, bad, right or wrong, everyone is just on a different journey and God has created us to be exactly who we are to touch specific people. Anyway, your blog has made me realize that I often do the exact same thing and immediately think about what others will think if God has called me to do something, when in fact, it’s not about me. It’s about God’s reputation and if He is being brought glory! Thank you so much! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who deals with this! I believe God led me to this blog tonight!
    Thanks Kelly!

  2. Kelly, this just totally hit me right where I’m at. Lately I’ve been realizing how self focused I am, how concerned I am with what other people think about me. And not even in an a “look at me” type of way. But more in the way that I can be very self conscious, if that makes any sence. I can spend so much time worring about how other people are veiwing me because I don’t feel sure of myself that I forget the one I’m supposed to be living to please is God. And that he is where I’ll find the affirmation I need. I just want to get my focus off myself and back onto him, and this blog really resonated with me. Thanks for sharing this journey with us, I’ve enjoyed following along! 🙂

  3. Rebekah Hutson

    *during one of Jimmy’s tours (correction below)

  4. Rebekah Hutson

    I subscribe to your blogs via e-mail, and LOVE them!!! I admire your love for the Lord and your honesty. As a college student, it is sometimes hard to spend time with the Lord and put Him first, but the lessons you have laerned help me. For instance, the story you told of not going to get coffee with some friends during one of Jimmy’s because you needed to spend time with God ministered to me. This shows how important time with the Lord is.

    PLEASE continue to blog! I love your blog!

    May God bless you, Lively, and Jimmy abundantly 🙂

    1. So glad you are encouraged, Rebekah! Thanks for subscribing. =)

  5. Ângela Christina Néris

    Dear Kelly, as usual your words blessed me in such a way I can´t describe.

    My prayer is that GOD continue to use you and this beautiful ministry with words to bless many more lives.

    I just wanted to let you know how much I admire your godly beauty and amazing wisdom! You transmit JESUS´ Light!!! I am looking foward to meeting you some day… if not here in the earthly plan, there, when we will be able to live eternal life together to the fullest in total synch with our Supreme Friend, Creator, Savior and LORD!!! 🙂

    In CHRIST,

    Ângela Christina Néris

    1. Can’t wait to meet you too, Angela! Great to hear from other sisters in Christ. =) Thank you for praying for God’s blessing on this ministry. I pray it will always be HIS and used for HIS glory, not mine.

  6. Kelly, your post for today was an inspiration for me, as were the previous ones. I have read your posts for every day even though I don’t respond each time, and I want you to know that I find them touching and uplifting and helpful to me as a pastor. The State Religion in Denmark and Sweden is Lutheran, and church attendance is about 5% as compared to at least 25 to 40% here in the U.S. Perhaps Jimmy’s song ministry can inspire higher church attendance. You have a ministry, too, here at home; your confessions and prayers inspire us. God bless you.

  7. I really enjoy reading your blogs, Kelly. I understand COMPLETELY how you feel about how many people are reading your blog and why the numbers are going down. I just posted a blog yesterday, and I was constantly checking to see if anyone was reading it. It’s disgustingly sad. As I was reading your blog, my thoughts were, “Oh, I’m checked it to see if anyone read it so I can know I’m helping someone with their walk with Christ, if they have one.” I do not know if I have helped anyone with their walk. That’s the humbling thing about Christianity. We usually will never know, but we can certainly trust in God that He is doing His amazing work for His Kingdom.

    Thank you for being such a beautiful servant of God. I’m so thankful that God is using you as a vessel in my dirty, dirty life. May God richly bless you for being a submissive servant and may He continue to bless you and Jimmy for your service to Him and Him alone. I am so encouraged by you! (Here’s an instance where you know your blog is being used for His glory!)
    I can’t wait to hear today’s repentance. I am thinking of doing this in my life!

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