New article on the Butterfly Blog

Hello readers!

I hope you are all having a beautiful day and enjoying walking in the grace and peace of our God.

I recently wrote an article for a website called the Butterfly Blog. This site is run by my good friend, Donna Stuart, and is specifically for college women. I would love it if you wanted to check it out! My article is called “Walking in Truth” and you can get to it by clicking the link below:

The Butterfly Blog

While you’re at it, check out some of the other posts by great women such as Lauren Chandler (married to Matt Chandler of the Village Church) and Kelly Matte (married to Gregg Matte of First Baptist Church Houston). There are tons of other resources on this websites, so I encourage you to look around. Also, please check out Donna’s music on iTunes! She is a great songwriter and her music has ministered to my soul many times.



  1. Emily

    I love all of your blog updates. I enjoyed your blog post on the butterfly blog too. I have been praying for you and hopes this finds you feeling encouraged. Houston is so far away. I hope to see you at Jimmy’s Dallas shows sometime soon. 🙂

    1. Hey Emily!

      Thanks for reading. I really hope it works out to see you next time we’re in Dallas as well. =)

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