Baby Lively Has Arrived!

Introducing Lively Elizabeth Needham! After 15 hours of labor, this sweet little angel entered our world on January 8th at 11:57am, weighing 7 lbs, 11 oz and measuring 21 inches long. What an incredible joy and blessing this little girl is to us! It has been just over 2 weeks since she was born and I thought I would take some time to share some of the things I’ve learned in these first weeks of parenthood.

My worth isn’t determined by what I do.

I have spent most of these 2 weeks sitting on the couch nursing Lively and sleeping in between. In these first couple weeks, just fitting a shower into my day has seemed like a big accomplishment! Being the very task-oriented, to-do list maker that I am, this drastic change in my daily activity has really challenged my thoughts about how I determine my worth and define a successful day. Sitting around all day for a day or two is fine, but after a week I began to feel anxious to “accomplish” something more than just a shower. In talking with Jimmy about how I was feeling, he first reminded me that I wasn’t sitting around doing nothing, but that I was taking care of our daughter. It was good to hear that and to be reminded that I wasn’t doing nothing, but actually doing a lot. I guess because I was sitting on the couch all day, it didn’t feel like I was doing very much. Either way, it has caused me to realize how much I define my worth by what I can accomplish in a day. When will I finally get it in my head that my worth isn’t defined by my daily activities or accomplishments but by my relationship with Jesus? “Everything is a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Him!” (Phil 3:7-9)

It’s good to ask for help.

I usually have a hard time asking for help, either out of pride or simply because I don’t want to inconvenience anyone. Well, having a baby has forced me to learn how to ask for and receive help. Jimmy has been a the biggest help to me in this time. As I have often had both hands full figuring out how to breastfeed, he has literally spoon-fed me, scratched my nose, and propped my feet up. He’s made breakfast for me nearly every morning, watched Lively in between feedings so I could sleep, and run tons of errands to get things I needed. I’m not sure how I would have gotten through these few weeks without his help.

Another form of help that has been invaluable are the meals we get delivered to us. Our church scheduled for us to receive dinner every other day for month after Lively was born. Neither one of us have had time to even think about cooking or grocery shopping, so having a home-cooked meal delivered to us has been a huge blessing! There have been other forms of help as well. My mother-in-law bought us groceries just before we came home from the hospital and my mom and sister stayed with me for a day and helped me get some laundry done.

Our American culture seems to so highly value independence and self-sufficiency that it can be challenging to let ourselves depend on others in times of need. But these past couple of weeks have reminded me that this is how we are called to live as Christians: giving and receiving help as it’s needed. To give help, in whatever form, reminds us to live selflessly and consider others as more important than ourselves (Phil 2:3-4). And to receive help humbles us and reminds us that we are not self-sufficient and that it is good to be dependent on God and others.

There’s never a good reason to skip time with God.

I think these past couple of weeks would be the easiest weeks for me to forsake my time in the Word of God. I have every good reason, right? I’m not getting much sleep, I’m barely able to fit a shower into my day, so it’s ok if I don’t spend time with God, right? I don’t think there could ever be a more important time. My whole life has drastically changed since January 8th and to keep my eyes on God keeps me grounded. He is always my constant… the same yesterday, today, and forever, His character steadies my heart and brings peace to my soul. I have had to be creative in the ways that I get into Word, but it is possible! Some days, I have listened to teachings from the Bible off my iphone during 3am feedings. Other days I have made the difficult choice to spend time reading the Bible and praying instead of sleeping while Lively sleeps. Either way, I am learning that I never have a good reason not to spend time interacting with God in prayer and in reading His Word. And that when I do make the sacrificial choice to do so, it is always worth it! “Seek FIRST His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matt 6:33) Let me always keep God first in my life, and everything else always falls into place naturally after that.

I am excited to continue walking with Jesus in this new season of parenthood and pray I will never forsake the One who saved my soul!


  1. Jennifer Vasquez

    I just wanted to congratulate you and Jimmy on your beautiful baby girl. I can more than imagine at least a little bit of what you’re feeling. It feels like just yesterday that I brought my little angel home. 2 years ago on January 8 to be exact!!!! Have fun loving on her and raising her to be a godly woman. We’re expecting our 2nd sweet girl on 4/23 and we are so excited for her. You both must be so excited and tired and happy and exhausted…LOL!!! It goes by way too fast though so soak it all up. God bless you three!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the updates you post.

  2. Hi, I am brazilian and I LOVE your songs. When do you come here?
    Congratulations for the baby. May God continue blessing you!



    I have been wondering so I’m just going to ask: How did you and Jimmy come up with the name Lively? I want the long version, not the short one! I am excited every time I get an email that you have posted a new blog. I have been married for almost 5 years and my husband and I do not have children yet, but I gain insight into the struggles of being a mom every time I read a blog post. Thank you for being so open, transparent and showing that we all have flaws. Be blessed.

  4. hey kelly, this is Janine from Germany. i’ve just been surfing around and came to this site via Jimmys website… and i couldn’t stop reading. I am 28 and i have 4 little children and your posts are really reminding me of what is actually the most important thing: giving priority to my personal time with Jesus. i understand very well what you mean when you speak about “legitimized” excuses for not spending time with God. my husband and i work practically full time for evangelisation and we never go to bed before 1. Especially in the last days i felt the Lord speaking to me and calling me to him. Many times i thought because i’m doing HIS work it is ok that i also give priority to it, because otherwise the things will not be done in time. (in “my” time i should say..) but at the end of the day i realize that if i don’t spend time with Him that i will become weak over time and that my work may be not as good or perfect or even extraordinary as it could be if i prayed (of course i don’t want to admit that!!!). your blogs really hit me where i had to be hit and i know now what i have to do.. I really admire the Lord right now for His humility to use an internet blog from a person from one side of the world to speak and get a message through to another person on the other side of the world… PRAISE GOD! God bless you and your little family! Thank you for your truthfulness and simple sharing! And yes, if you should decide to write a book, please send me a copy!

  5. Thank you for being so real. Your blog is a huge encouragement and this post really ministered to me.
    keep running the race.

  6. Tracy

    I totally relate to the to-do list! That was one of the harder of things to let go when my youngest was born. I found my worth wrapped up so tightly to what I had checked off my list. The more checked off the more successful my day was. I still have to be reminded that sitting on the floor all day playing with my now 2 yr old is still, if not more successful than marking off a to-do list. When my son was only a few months old I became dissatisfied with my 15 minute bible study. I wanted to spend more time reading and studying God’s word. But how could I? I was only sleeping 3 hours a night! God spoke to me very clearly and said Come to me, you ARE weary and burden, and I will provide your rest. I began getting up at 5 a.m. every morning to have and 1 ½ with him and my needs were met. I slept more at night and my rest was fulfilling! My soul NEEDED that added time with God! And he was once again faithful to provide! So hang in there, he’s got you covered! And Congrats to being a mommy!!!

  7. Congrats to you and Jimmy! She’s adorable! 🙂

  8. Congratulations Kelly and Jimmy!
    I love what you said in your post. My babies are now 16 and 19, but I remember the first days as well as these last. You will find that God will mold you more than ever as a mother and father, and wife and husband. You are doing the right things. Just keep at it, day by day. And Kelly, you are right, your value is not measured by your daily accomplishments. Being a mom means giving up what we want and giving all our time to the children given to us to raise. Leaving a Legacy of love and faith is worth the sacrifices. Your child(ren) will rise up and call you blessed! They are such gifts and blessings. Treasure this time and take lots of pictures!
    Blessings, Tina

  9. Nahela

    Thank you so much for this post. I have never felt more encouraged by a blog post than today 🙂 I am a “doer” as well and so it’s very, very hard for me to not feel like I’ve accomplished something. I really appreciate someone else (who I don’t know) saying that what I DO doesn’t determine my worth or who I AM. That has been the most difficult thing for me to remember this past week, so thank you for the reminder.

    Congratulations on your new blessing!

  10. You are so precious!!! I praise God for you and your beautiful family. Thank you for this post.

  11. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jimmy Needham and Gabi Vande-Gehucht, Kelly Needham. Kelly Needham said: Baby Lively Has Arrived!: […]

  12. Brittany Ykema

    Wow…good words! You are spot on with these insights and it is crazy how they can apply to such a different life/schedule. These are things I needed to be reminded of and am so thankful for you to share! I wish you and Jimmy much happiness with this new whirlwind of an adventure. She is quite the blessing and God has you two held very closely. Thank you again Kelly for all the wisdom you share!

  13. Sallye Ortiz

    To God be the glory. What a blessing your blogs are. You & your husband are inspiring so many people. Your husbands music has captivated my life with his encouraging messages in his songs. My son attends JMU & your husband will be performing there Jan 29th My husband & i absolutely can not wait to hear him perform. You guys are going to be wonderful parents. Lively is truly blessed. May God continue to bless you guys.

  14. Belinda

    Your message is such an inspiration for new parents, and even to us that are not. Best wishes to you and Jimmy on the new addition to your family. You and Jimmy have visited our church twice and we all feel like you are part of our church family. God Bless.

  15. Emily

    Congratulations on your new baby girl! Her name is SO cute, too!
    I am a new reader of your blog and a new fan of Jimmy’s – his music has actually been helping me a lot through the grief of losing my brother through suicide (Dec 1st)…I picked up the cd mostly through curiosity after hearing a little bit at the bookstore. One of the best cd purchase decisions I’ve made. It’s truly amazing how God speaks to us through music and how He led me to buy that cd. It has been of great comfort in my time of sorrow.
    Keep writing and congrats again on your sweet baby. As a mother of 4, I know the wonder and excitement of a new babe.

  16. woohoo lively loo!!!! great reminders for every stage of life, thanks girlfriend.

  17. verne

    how nice to read. very inspiring.

    congrats on your little girl!!! 🙂

  18. Joanna

    Kellie, I’ve been blessed reading your posts. Congratulations on the arrival of Lil Lively. Forever rely on God is the key that you beautifully bring out in your writings. God’s blessings.

  19. Kelly, you of course do not know me literally, however we are attached. You are my late husband’s great niece and Lively is our great-great niece. Your Grandmother Nancy and Katie have kept me posted on all of your accomplishments.
    I live in California and Katie and Nancy have been out twice to visit me. I adore Katie, she is like my very own granddaughter, or that is the way I think of her.
    I read the magazine all about Jimmy’s music,and I am so proud of him and you.To be so close to God is most rewarding
    I have a nephew and two nieces who live in Katy and the girls grew up there. Lindsay and Amy Sikes. Amy just had a baby in October.
    You should try your hand at writing Kelly, I think you are a natural, and while you have no time at the moment, perhaps the time will come after Lively gets her schedule all down pat.With Jimmy gone so much
    writing would fill many lonely hours.
    It is the most therapeutic thing I have ever done. I tried my hand at it when I lost Sanford., and you just lose yourself writing of what you love.

    I have loved reading your journal of getting used to being a mother,
    one thing for sure, no instructions come with it do they?
    I will look forward to reading more about Lively and you and Jimmy.
    Lively is the most beautiful baby I have seen in many a day.
    God Bless dear one
    Jennie Blue

    1. There IS an instruction book that comes with babies: it is called the BIBLE!
      It may not say how to treat diaper rash, but if read and obeyed, it will be a light to the path of a parent!

  20. Shakira Salvador

    Congratulations on such a gorgeous blessing from god. I am sending you blessings and well wishes from Australia to both you and your new family. She is just truly beautiful.
    Warmest regards,
    Shakira x

  21. Everything you said is so true. You are just in a season of life right now where your job is to sit, hold that sweet baby, learn how to nurse and show the baby patience while your learning and she’s learning. Then you will move onto another season of playing on the floor all day and sharing new discoveries. You will often go to bed at night and feel like you didn’t accomplish anything but that’s not truth. You are investing in the most important thing in the world.

  22. Congratulations Kelly! SO excited for you! Encouraging post, as usual : )

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