One Thing…

Silence. ahhh. Sweet silence. This is a rare commodity in my life now a days. Between the hustle and bustle of Jimmy and his band coming and going and me learning how to interpret and respond to the cries of our daughter, there is usually quite a lot of activity in the Needham home. But currently, Jimmy is sleeping off his 8 hour drive home last night, and Lively is taking her afternoon nap. (Of course, as soon as I finished that last sentence, Lively woke up crying with gas pains. It is now a few hours later.)

Anyway… I do greatly relish silence when it does happen. And while I usually have many other things to do in these brief moments of stillness, today I decided to write. I have begun to enjoy writing more and more through the years. I think it is because I understand things most fully when I get to explain them or teach them to others. It is when I am sharing what God is doing in my life that I fully understand and appreciate it.

Lately, the lesson I seem to be relearning over and over again is the importance and priority of my relationship with God. Basic, yes. Fundamental, yes. But somehow I seem to still choose to put God on the back burner. Why? I guess in the moment I convince myself that other things are more important. Or I make excuses like, “I’ll spend time with God later today” (which of course NEVER happens). Even as I write this, I am fully aware that nothing is more important than time with Him and that when I do put Him first everything else falls into place. It makes me wonder why I choose other things over Him again and again.

Have you ever felt this way?

“I consider all things a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Jesus Christ my Lord for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish that I may gain Chirst.” – Philippians 3:7-8
These verses were on my letter jacket in high school, and still to this day I feel as if they are the theme of my life. They testify to the joyfulness I experience in keeping Christ first and expose everything I put above Him as the rubbish that they really are. Some days they cause rejoicing in my heart, other days conviction. Today, I read those verse and feel conviction.

Keeping our house clean is a loss compared to the SURPASSING GREATNESS of know Jesus.
Answering all my emails is a loss compared to the SURPASSING GREATNESS of know Jesus.
Getting a few extra hours of sleep is a loss compared to the SURPASSING GREATNESS of know Jesus.
Watching my favorite tv show is a loss compared to the SURPASSING GREATNESS of know Jesus.
EVERYTHING is a loss compared to the SURPASSING GREATNESS of know Jesus.

When will I learn this lesson for good? Maybe I never will. Maybe every day for the rest of my life I will have to choose again to believe this sweet promise that there is only ONE THING that matters. There is only ONE THING that should have first place in my heart.


Lord, give me the heart of Mary who chose to sit at Your feet and listen to Your Word. You said of her, “Only ONE THING is needed, and Mary has chosen the better part.” (Luke 10:42)


  1. Ashley W.

    Is that a Pine Cove t-shirt he is wearing?!

  2. Kelly,

    Wow. This is such a beautiful post! I do the same thing..I have even done it today. All the things I chose over time with Him would have been done later and He would have blessed them! It IS all a loss.

    Thank you for letting Him speak through you!


  3. Thank you for the post. A new mother learns how unimportant so many things are that used to be important. God uses our children to mold us into his likeness. God teaches us about giving up our own desires. Putting your children first is God’s desire for mothers; when you give up sleep, you are giving up to the Lord.
    When our daughter was a baby, she had many ear infections. One year we had taken our Christmas tree, sawed off the branches, and made a cross out of it. We put it in the front yard, just outside the window. During the Easter season I was up late at the kitchen window, sitting in our rocking chair, rocking baby, looking at the cross. I thought, “What do I have to complain about?”
    Yes Kelly, the cross is the most important. Amen!

  4. Diana

    I have been putting off spending time with God all day but after this im getting down on my knees to talk to my Father. No wonder I am having a rough day.

  5. I’ve noticed the same thing with me when I type out all the things God has done, I end up seeing just how much He’s done for me and through me.

    I also have done just what you do and find it my struggle. If I don’t spend time 1st thing in the morning with the Lord I’ll tell myself I’ll do it later and then never end up doing it. I can see when I miss spending time with Him how my day is so different than when I give Him my mornings.

    Know you’re definitely not alone on your ‘God on the back burner’ times. There have been times He’s sat back there patiently waiting for me to notice, far longer than He should.

  6. This has been heavy on my heart as well. Everytime I make the decision that something else is more important than Jesus, He is so faithful to remind me that it is NOT the case. I am persevering to the day when my fleshly heart fully lives out what it means to count everything as loss compared to knowing Jesus.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Hi Kelly,

    Such timely wisdom … I’ve been a bit ‘crowded’ lately and God has been getting squeezed out. And, like you, it’s been on my mind every day to Make Time to Spend With God. Obviously it’s been on my mind, but not in my heart because it hasn’t been happening nearly often enough!

    But your list of examples of our losses compared to the SURPASSING GREATNESS of knowing Jesus just hit home. Even on my best day, if what I’m doing isn’t about knowing Jesus, then I lose. It’s not ‘winning’ if it doesn’t bring my mind and heart into Christ’s beautiful presence.

    Ahhhh… thank you so much xo

  8. Jade

    I’ve read each of your emails through, almost immediately after you post them, as I’ve subscribed to your blog. Each of them invokes something in me that wants to comment and let you know the impact it’s made in me. EVERY TIME. But I don’t. I tell myself that I’d look like an average fan of someone I’ve never met who comments on everything. And I don’t want to be that. I don’t want my words to get to a point where they mean less. i don’t know… maybe I’ve over thought it. I tend to do that. Anyway… I just wanted to take this blog as my opportunity to sum up the impact you make on my life. And what I commented last year still stands… When I grow up, I wanna be just like you. 🙂

  9. Yay i’m the first to comment on your Blog Kelly,i got say that i can really Relate to this Blog,i think every believer make that mistake of Putting God on the back-burner,cause it’s easy to do sometimes,even though it makes God sad when we do it,but after we make that make mistake,we then have to Repent and ask for Forgiveness from that problem,and make that choice to choose the Only One and the Only Thing that Matters and that is Jesus Christ everyday.God Bless you Kelly and Jimmy and Lively Needham!:)

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