Norwegian Lessons

Lively in Sweden!

1:30am here in Norway, and Jimmy is about to take the stage for the 3rd time today! You’d think that’d be way to late to start a concert, but since it doesn’t get dark till around 11pm, it’s easier to stay up that long. I actually don’t know if these people actually sleep at night! I’m definitely loving the long days, but 9pm comes so quickly when the sun is up! It’s amazing how much I count on the sunset to let me know what time it is.

I mentioned in my last blog that I have been hoping God would speak to me while we’re here, and so far He’s come through! Though the lessons I’m learning since arriving in Scandinavia have been good, they’ve also been hard. It all started with “an honest moment” I had with God in Sweden a couple days ago. Though I’m generally pretty frank with Him, I tend to keep silent when my frustration is aimed at how He is running things because I know how limited my view is. But every now and then, I just have to let Him know my grievances. Let me share this moment of honesty with you.

It began with a challenging travel day with Lively. I rely very heavily on His grace on these days to get me through each task and challenge. Sometimes those challenges are figuring out where to nurse her while at an outdoor festival or trying to soothe her on a 9 hour flight. This particular day was our first in Sweden and I had been asking Him for help with many things and all to no avail. Lively was fussy most of the day and all of my attempts to soothe her either simply didn’t work or backfired. I didn’t understand why God wasn’t helping me like He usually does! At the end of the day, my dissatisfaction with how things had gone overflowed into one very angry prayer: “God, why aren’t you helping me?! I don’t understand! I believe you can help me because I have seen you do it before. Are you just not listening this time?! I really need you now, so where are you?!”

Lively and I on the Norwegian coast

I don’t feel like I got much of an answer that night, though it is always relieving to be honest with God. The following day was not any better with Lively. As I echoed my prayer from the night before, I felt Him respond to me: “So, you want me to make everything easy for you, is that right?”

Sigh. Yes, I guess that is exactly what I am asking. As I realized the truth of what my request meant, I thought to myself, “And that is rarely what God wants… for things to be easy.” I recalled what He had recently shown me through the Word (Lessons in Sleeplessness): I am to consider myself His servant in the midst of stressful and trying circumstances. Goodness, how could I forget that so quickly. I had also forgotten a fundamental thing about motherhood: like many things, it is intended to sanctify me, to get rid of the selfishness still left in me so I can become more like Jesus. (1 Tim 2:15, Rom 8:29)

View of a small portion of the festival in Norway

Often, being a mother prevents me from doing what I want to do when I want to do it. And quite frankly, it’s really frustrating! For example, during the festival in Norway, I was really enjoying talking with all the other bands and Norwegians backstage when Lively began to get upset. Of course I hadn’t realized how close it was to her bedtime because the sun was still up. I had hoped to explore all the different booths, find a Norwegian shirt, and then stick around for Jimmy’s acoustic concert. With every cry I felt that plan falling apart. Instead, I headed back to the hotel to put her to bed and wait around until Jimmy got done. Lame! I’m in Norway! Who sits in a hotel room when you’re in Norway! A mother of a 6 month old, that’s who. It’s in those moments I say to myself: “I can’t do what I want to do when I want to do it. And that is exactly what God wants for me.” He wants to show me how to sacrifice my own wants and preferences for the sake of serving someone else. That is exactly what Jesus did for me, and my life goal is to become more like Him right? Not to see Norway.

The process of sanctification is not fun; on the other hand, it is very hard. And yet what it produces makes it so worthwhile: freedom from self-worship and selfishness and the fruit of the spirit: joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control and more. I greatly dislike the process, but am always glad to find that afterwards I am able to tackle even more difficult situations with peace and joy. Right now, I am still kind of in the disliking part, but trying to make the best of it and enjoy the quietness of our sleeping sweetheart. But at the end of the day, I am sure grateful that God’s current instrument of sanctification in my life is the cutest little girl I’ve ever seen. And truthfully, I’d give up seeing Norway any day for her. =)


  1. Love it! lol as a mother of two little boys (1yr old, and 2yr old) I know how much attention and time they can demand from you! But, as you stated, it’s really not about you, but about serving others and rather you know it or not (Which I’m more than positive you do) that is doing God’s ministry. And He smiles when He see that we are taking care of what He has intrusted us with! Be Encourage Kelly and know that God is in the Midst of it all!
    Love you Girly 🙂
    Cierra Moore ~Cleve,OH

  2. Lovely post as usual kelly. It really rang in my spirit because at my church we have been dealing with sanctification and how it’s the part that everybody wants to skip! But after the honeymoon of salvation, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and let the Lord sanctify us so we can get to a place of sonship. This was great, encouraging and I must say, slightly hilarious.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have two little boys, one is almost 3 and the other is almost 1 and I am busy so often. I needed to hear what you had to say, I struggle so often with wanting my own way and not putting my children ahead of what I want, it is a good reminder that our life goal is to become more like Christ and less selfish. I appreciate your perspective because this is a topic I have been wrestling with God about for some time now always through my own selfish lens. Thank you for sharing and allowing God to speak through you!

  4. Kelly, that’s amazing! I’m not a mother yet. Actually, I don’t even have a husband or someboby to make family plans with. But I’m already learning so much about motherhood with you. I’ll surely keep these lessons in my heart and use when it is time.
    I know that children are the inheritance of the Lord, but I had never thought of them as an instrument of God to make us more like Jesus, but your post has just opened up my eyes. I’ll certainly be more prepared after reading this.

    May God bless you and your family!

  5. Thank you so much for putting yout thoughts into words Kelly! You really are an inspiration and Jimmy is right; God is using you and your writing! It was so nice to meet you and Lively at the Seaside festival! Hope you are safe back home now.
    God bless you, Lively and Jimmy:)

  6. Well, I’m not in Norway Kelly, I’m in Ft. Lauderdale, but I really needed read this; and it’s amazing how God could speak to someone who is currently on the other side of the planet, 2 days after you wrote this. My daughter Isabelle was born January 8, 2009 and my other daughter Alexis was just born April 20 this year. I am currently being sanctified as well and this was an awesome reminder that it is what God wants for me and that my girls are worth my sacrifice. Thank you for your honesty and please know that from one mommy to another, you are in my heart and prayers. — Jennifer

  7. and i hope, the weather gets better too….!!! 😉

  8. Hi Kelly! I’ve just finished reading your last blog and just HAVE to write something! (first of all i had to laugh, because usually when u write your 1.30 am blogs i get them here in germany 6 hours later when u calculate the time difference, but because ur in the same time zone now, i actually got to read it “live” – right when u sent it – hope u understand what i mean :-D). well, it must be funny for you getting such a personal message from someone you don’t know at all, but you’ve written things now that you seem to have taken right out of my life! i can understand so well, what you are feeling when you have to take care of Lively and not being able to do what you want to do!

    My husband and i work together with a preacher from India who is preaching retreats here in Europe, every week he’s preaching in a different place. so once in a while he asks us to come and give testimony for married and family life. i’m always so happy to go because we receive so many blessings, so much joy and just grow so much closer to the Lord. The days on retreats are actually holidays for me because i can leave all housework behind and i can listen to the talks and pray in between and be close to the Lord. All i have to do is taking care of our 4 little children, ages 2-6 in between… yeah, and that’s where the fun part starts.

    When you wrote how you are doing there with Lively i was so much reminded of the evenings at the retreats, when the team is sitting together having a snack and talking. Those are actually very special moments for me, because we are just 4 people then – my husband, the indian preacher and my mother in law – my family. those times are so precious to me, because those little gatherings in the evening are full of joy and peace, just as if Jesus would be sitting there with us and we reflect the day together. well, it’s just that 4 little tired children have to be put to bed – change the clothes, wash the face, brush the teeth – and this whole procedure x 4!!! and the smallest one has to be put in the buggy and needs to be rocked until he sleeps and of course i have to stay there until everybody’s sleeping…. only THEN can i go to the next room to enjoy some time with the rest of my family. It happened to me so many times that i stood there in the bedroom, with my 3 children in bed, me rocking the 4th one to sleep and crying – just because i couldn’t be there with the others sharing those precious peaceful and joyful moments!!! oh, i hated it! and i was complaining to the Lord the whole time! especially, when the children wouldn’t sleep because they were overexcited with the day and the new beds and surroundings and everything and wouldn’t stay in bed or needed to go to the bathroom – AGAIN….!!! and it happened to me so many times that when i was finally done with everything – everybody else had already gone to bed – GRRRRRNNNGGHHHNNrRR!!!

    well, i just felt so comforted by your little story and i just wanted to share my little story with you. =) i really enjoy seeing and reading your authenticity and i admire your way of looking for God in every single moment of your life. well, i’m going to bed now, it’s about time, i’ve been doing my studies until now, since during the day there is really not much quiet to find time to study… (i’m 28 and studying psychology, the little ones came in between, that’s why i’m still studying). God bless you abundantly and all the best for your stay in Scandinavia!

    1. Janine,
      Thank you for sharing your story! It is always encouraging to hear that someone else knows how you feel! I feel ya! Be blessed sister!

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