Safer Than a Known Way

It’s amazing how difficult it is to believe the Word of God sometimes. Even after years of walking with the Lord and seeing His faithfulness proved again and again and again, I still find myself struggling to believe words I know to be true. Can anyone relate to me here?

“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all your ways, and He will make your path straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6 “He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all–how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?” Romans 8:32 Some of my favorite promises of Scripture are also the ones that I struggle to believe on a daily basis.

I know that ultimately God has a much higher and comprehensive view of my situation than I do and therefore knows what is best for me. This is why I am commanded to trust Him and not my own understanding of my situation. I also know if He was going to withhold anything from me, it would be the thing most precious to Him: His own beloved Son: Jesus. But He hasn’t done that; instead He gave Jesus up for my sake to be punished for my sin so that I might be justified and have eternal life. So what reason does God have to withhold anything else from me unless it is ultimately for my benefit? I know these things to be true.

I know this because I have seen these truths tested throughout the years of my life. I lost 3 babies before the end of the first trimester in pregnancy and yet found out that ultimately this was God’s grace to me. It allowed me to discover an easily treatable problem in my body that would allow me to have healthy babies and possibly save my life (read about this in my post Faith in Difficult Times). I married a man whose calling has brought me into a lifestyle of traveling, a lack of routine, and time at home alone that I never thought I wanted yet has proven to be one of the sweetest channels of intimacy with God (see post A Day in the Life). I have over and over again seen God prove His faithfulness to me through circumstances that seemed undesirable. So what reason do I have to distrust Him? None.

Yet here I find myself past my due date with our second baby, Sophia, wondering why God hasn’t brought her here yet in the time and manner that I wanted. It may seem very silly to be concerned about something so small, but this is what I have been wrestling with for these past few weeks. One of my brothers leaves the country this Sunday for 4 months, all of my family is only available this coming weekend to see Sophia so I would have someone to watch Lively and Jimmy is off on Sabbatical this month (read about this on his blog here). In my mind, everything was PERFECT for her to come last week! Yet here I am, still pregnant and waiting to go into labor, telling God that clearly He doesn’t know what He’s doing in delaying Sophia’s entrance into this world.

Again, this might seem like something small and menial, and maybe it is, but waiting for her to be born has created a daily battle in my mind to trust and believe God knows what is best for my family and me. I continually remind myself that He knows my situation: He knows that my brother leaves on Sunday, that my sister has to go back to college on Monday, that Jimmy’s precious time at home gets shorter with each day. Not only that, He knows things about my situation and future to which I am totally oblivious. So it should be easy to trust His timing, right? Unfortunately that has not been the case.

Sometimes it is easy to trust God. Other times it is a daily and continual battle of the mind where my arms grow tired from a constant use of the sword of His Word (Eph 6:17). But whether hard or easy, my call as a child of God is still the same: Choose to believe my Father’s words over my own feelings.

Part of this process has included a surrendering of my rights. Maybe it’s because I live in America, one of the most entitled societies in existence, but I often feel like I have a right to have things go my way. So when God’s plan doesn’t line up with mine, I feel justified in my anger and frustration. But according to the Bible, the only thing I am entitled to is an eternity separated from God in hell because of my sins (for the wages of sin is death… Romans 3:23). Everything other than this is purely a gift from God in my life. So any other “rights” I may feel entitled to I have no license to actually claim. This includes my right to Sophia being born within my timetable.

I recently finished a book called “Safer Than a Known Way” by Pamela Rosewell Moore. Her story centered around a continual surrendering of her rights which allowed God to work freely in her life in great ways, often in ways she never thought she’d want. But of course, in surrendering her will to choose what God would have, she found His way is always the most joyful and most satisfying. Her story ends with this quote: “Only the Lord sees the end of my story. It is not in my control. But I do know this: when I surrender to Him, I am safer than if I had chosen a known way.”

What an encouragement this book has been to me as I am in this season of waiting. I see a “known way”: what I want to happen. But the promise is that God’s way, even though it is unknown, is much better than what I can see. But it is the unknown that terrifies me, which is what keeps me from trusting God. I am unsure of what He will do if I trust Him, so instead I choose my own way. But I have no logical reason not to trust Him, because His ways have NEVER ONCE been anything less than the absolute best thing for me.

So today, I am in a battle to trust God and lean not on my own understanding as I await the birth of our sweet baby Sophia. I have no idea in what way or what time He will bring her into this world, but I must choose to believe that His ways and His timing are far better than I could even dream.

How are you struggling to believe God today? Are you afraid of the unknownness of His ways? Can you believe that His ways are safer than a known way? If you are up to the challenge, join me today in believing His Word and trusting that His ways are far better than our own.


  1. Dear Kelly,
    God is soo good. I woke up this morning and he reminded me of my need to trust Him completely in all things. Psalm 3:5-6 came to mind, and since this morning, two other people have quoted that verse to me. I thank God for speaking through you and you for being a wonderful encouragement! God bless!

  2. Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for your honesty, Kelly! To know I am not the only one who struggles trusting God for the minor things like timing, even after walking with Him for this long, is a great encouragement. I have been looking for employment for over a month now and have seen things continue to fall through, but I need to be reminded that God has not forgotten about me and He is right there even in the waiting. His ways are most certainly not our ways!

  3. Kelly-Thank you so much for such perfect timing! Your husband’s music has been an inspiration to my whole family (we use to go to Fellowship of the Woodlands until we moved 2 years ago and my two oldest, 5 and 6, know some of Jimmy’s songs by heart) and after finding out today he had a new album I decided to find ya’lls website, and here I am reading your blog, almost 39 weeks pregnant with my 4th and wondering why God has to teach me patience right now. My other three were born by this time and like you, He knows how many things I have to plan around as well as my family (and cancelled thinking that I would have delivered by now) to have a baby and here I am still pregnant. If Sophia has not come yet, I will pray for you as well as myself that God will continue to help us be patient and have peaceful hearts, since He is ultimately THE ONE in control.

  4. I waited for an extra week after the due date of my youngest son, it was so hard, I kept questioning God’s timing as well. I love to see that you are striving to put it into God’s knowing hands. It is such an encouragement and I am going to see if I can get my hands on that book. I find it easy to trust God with the big things but sometimes my day to day life is not put in His hands, I feel that I need constant reminders. Praying for you and your beautiful family as you look forward to Sophia joining you, and praying for a safe delivery!

  5. Angela

    Beautiful post Kelly! I thought, ” But I have no logical reason not to trust Him, because His ways have NEVER ONCE been anything less than the absolute best thing for me.” was very interesting to think about, because I think a statement can be made in the truth that to have faith, at some point defies logic. Yet, defying logic is why faith is so amazing, and God’s grace and mercy are so valuable. It is because thing blessings do defy logic and reason but are at the same time truths and promises from God that make God’s way so much safer. Going back again to your very poignant statement, if He would give up His only Son for my sake, why question or distrust Him? This was such a refreshing post, thank you so much for your thoughtful words of wisdom and great reminder of God’s faithfulness. Many blessings, I’ll be in praying for you and Jimmy!

  6. Lauren from Tulsa

    Thank for sharing this. God is teaching me the same thig in this season of life. Keep trustin in His Word and timing, and thanks for encouraging me to do the same. I will be praying for baby Sophia. Have a blessed day!

  7. Felicia Rachelle

    Thank you for such an encouraging post, Kelly!

  8. Julie Muchlinski

    Thank you for writing this, Kelly! Once again, you have put into words all the things I struggle with every day and it feels like you are talking directly to my situation as much as your own, even though you didn’t know it. You give so much encouragement! Thank you! My husband is gone 6 months out of the year for work, so I totally get the struggle to trust God’s timing when time is limited with those you love and you feel it slipping away…hang in there!

  9. Both of our boys were born late and by c-section but God has blessed them both tremendously. God has His own calendar and it doesn’t always match up with ours. I enjoy your honesty and wisdom in your posts. Thank you for opening up and sharing your life with us. God bless you and everything you do!

  10. Hadassa

    So blessed by this post! I wish waiting for God because his plans for me are perfect!

  11. Katie

    Kelly, your posts are so encouraging! I saw Jimmy at Soulfest this year and was so moved by his lyrics, you both have been a blessing in my life and have given me a greater desire for Jesus. Thank you for your words and sacrifices. I’m praying for you and your family and a quick, safe delivery for Sophia!

  12. Thanks for your post, Kelly!

    I’ve been waiting for God to move in a certain area of my life but I find that he’s plunked me out of a completely favourable environment where it can all be accomplished in the twinkle of an eye to one where theres literally no way.

    Like you, I’m struggling to believe his promises but your post has been a great source of encouragement. Many many thanks for that!

    I wish you a safe and easy delivery and I pray Sophia brings you and yours much more joy than you’ve ever hoped for.

    Jimmy’s “Clear the stage” album is ace btw…Love it!

  13. I’ve definitely been struggling to trust God fully with things in my life lately. Thinking that I can handle it better or too fearful to fully surrender to Him since I won’t know the outcome.

    I don’t understand why I’m in a perpetual period of waiting myself with my current situation and its very hard to let go of it all and let Him ultimately handle it…even though I ‘give it over to Him’ several times a week. =/

  14. Kelly! I don’t usually follow your blog, but I came across this post on facebook. What an encouragement! I am right there with you in this season. I find myself finding it difficult to trust God, but I keep reminding myself all the ways He’s proven His faithfulness to me over and over again, and then it seems so silly why I can’t seem to trust Him with things. He is faithful! He is GOOD! May we rejoice together in His goodness and faithfulness even when we can’t see the end.

  15. deedeeb

    Kelly, thanks so much for this honest post. I was in the process of heading back to college (to spend a year at Bible College, where I felt God was calling me), but as of now it doesn’t seem that the finances will be in the right place for me to go. Your writing really struck me as I read and was reminded that God will withold no good thing from me… seems like He’s taking me down a different path, but being reminded of these truths makes it easier. Thanks for blessing me today!!

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