The Church is a Body, Not a Body Part

How do you respond when the sermon doesn’t apply to you?

Maybe your pastor is preaching about marriage, and you’re single. Or you came across an article about suffering, but you’re in a season of rejoicing. Or maybe the recent episode of Revive Our Hearts is about parenting, but you’ve been barren for years.

  • Do you roll your eyes?
  • Do you groan and complain in your heart about your own circumstances?
  • Do you mentally check out and start planning your to-do list, assuming there is nothing you can gain from this particular sermon?

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  1. It is great to hear about all the preaching and teaching that is going on throughout the world today. But! This does not mean that all preaching and teaching is based on the True Rock Foundation of God’s Living Word, which is the ONLY TRUTH, the ONLY WAY, and the ONLY LIFE.
    There are countless faith ships at sea, with many having the ghost name of the Titanic, and are heading straight for the big ice-berg of destruction. Therefore, one must be sober and vigilant, so not to board one of these disasterous ships. Having the opened eyes of a believer in the Lord Jesus my only Saviour, my only Shepherd, my only Healer, Teacher, Keeper, Friend and Brother, I have climbed into His small fishing boat that is tossed around by the stormy waves of the sea. Being with the Lord Jesus in His small fishing boat, I know that all is well and I do not have to fear the storms and shark infested sea, because Jesus my King is always there with me.
    Let all the large ghost Titanic ships of faith enjoy the trip with comfort, games, riches and fame, because soon it will all come to a end when the spiritual ice-berg hits their luxurious ships and they sink into the deepest depths of the deadly shark infested sea. Psalm 49 and James 2, etc.
    God Bless all who’s eyes and ears are opened to the Truth of His Entire Living Word, which is the Lamp to our feet and the Light to our path. For soon, so soon God’s Truth will appear upon the clouds of God’s Eternal Victory, as I have dreamed in three seperate Spirit filled dreams.

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