Book Me

I’m available to speak at women’s and/or girls’ ministry events as well as write articles or Bible studies for more specific purposes.  If you are interested in something like this, please send a message through the form below with as much information as possible (dates and times, location, purpose of event, compensation, etc.).

I prefer to teach through a passage of Scripture as my primary goal is always to whet appetites for God through study of the Word at home. In addition to teaching passage of scripture, below are topics that I have written about or taught to a group.

  • Knowing God through His Word: Learning to read relationally
  • Cultivating True Intimacy with Jesus
  • Jesus IS Enough: Surrendering our Idols
  • Healthy, Biblical Romantic Relationships — The Purpose of dating and marriage
  • Healthy, Biblical Friendships — Steering Clear of Codependency
  • Technology and Relationships: Wisdom for the Social Media Generation
  • Pride and Humility: My Testimony as a Recovering Pharisee
  • Understanding Biblical Authority (in the family and in the Church)
  • The High Calling and Blessing of Motherhood
  • The Place of Repentance in the Life of the Christian
  • Wrestling with God in Suffering — Having Faith in Difficult Times
  • Starting a Healthy Dialogue Concerning Women and Sexual Temptation and Sin — Having a Healthy view of our sexuality
  • How to be a Biblical Mentor — Leading from a Place of Brokenness

Below are a couple audio clips from sessions I’ve taught.

Teaching on complaining from Numbers 11:

Short clip from a teaching on the influencing nature of women: 


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